30 Minute Helicopter Tour Over Kansas City!

Share the ride of a lifetime touring the city with up to two other people to join you!

Thumbs up while in helicopter hovering over Kansas City
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Tour the city in style.

Experience views of the downtown skyline, the Plaza area, Worlds of Fun, the Royals/Chiefs stadiums, as well as stunning views of the natural wonder of our local rivers.

How It Works?

Learn more about how our simple sightseeing tour in a helicopter package works for you.

Book Appointment

After you purchase your package certificate, you will then be able to choose which time and date that you want to book your flight.

Bring up to 2 other Guests

Fly solo or bring up to two other passengers to join you for the sightseeing tour.
Up to 3 passengers per tour. Max seat weight: 285 lbs; Max combined passenger weight: 550 lbs.

Fly like the birds

Join us on the date of your flight, and after checking-in, you will aboard the aircraft to see the city in a while new way!

Want to ride along with the best?

Our highly-trained CFI/CFII FAA-certified pilots will take you up to cruise near altitudes of 1000 feet above the city to view some of KC’s (and arguably World’s!) most amazing views.

Want to bring along kids?

All ages welcomed. Children 2 and older require their own seat.

Package Pricing

Experience the helicopter tour ride of a lifetime, only from Helicopter KC!

30-min Helicopter Tour

Invite up to 2 guests to join you for the same low price per helicopter sightseeing tour around the city!



Enjoy aerial views of the city
Take up to 2 guests up w/ you
Hangar Tour Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we select a specific departure time at time of purchase?

Helicopter KC arranges each flight in order to maximize level-of-service and ensure that the aircrafts are properly weighted and balanced.  Due to our standards, we are enabled to provide you with a specific flight time once we are provided with the passenger information delivered to your email.

You will be contacted with a confirmed flight time by noon (CST) at the email address or phone number you provided during purchase.

Do you offer videos of the flight?

Our pilot’s focus is on narrating a fun tour over the cityscape while you enjoy the scene.  Since we want our pilots focusing on the experience, we unfortunately don’t have the resource to film.  If you would like to have a professional photographer join you (at their rates), we can recommend you.

Should we take anti-motion sickness pills beforehand?

Though we offer a smooth ride and most people do great, if you are the type that is prone to motion sickness, then it is suggested to take something before you fly.
Do you offer videos of the flight?

Enjoy the Helicopter KC Tour Experience

Limited spots available!